An appeal for patient rights and health to take precedence over HIV tunnel vision (combos or nothing)

We are appealing for doctors and health care professionals to COOPERATE with the wishes of well-informed HIV positives and AIDS patients to be prescribed scientifically validated non-toxic treatments. Many of us DO NOT want to use combination therapies or other conventional toxic treatments. At present some of us are effectively boycotting the medical profession because the system does not meet ANY other therapeutic needs.

We URGENTLY need health care professionals to support us in the United Kingdom, and around the world. Some of our members support, advocate, campaign for and are more than willing to be recruited into clinical trials and research for the agents discussed below and other promising treatments.

We constantly receive requests from all over the UK and the rest of the world. Our group comprises many HIV positives with long-term survival, free of symptoms and free of official treatments after an AIDS diagnosis. Instead of ignoring these requests (as do the orthodoxy), we are doing our best to offer support and information. This why we are appealing to health professionals to respect the wishes of those most concerned; to cooperate where it can be scientifically justified.

We are appealing for doctors and health care professionals to respect the choices of our members and people with HIV and AIDS. To help them have access to, and use non-toxic chemical/nutritional therapy as an effective alternative to combo therapy, or as a complementary treatment strategy to ameliorate the toxic side effects of combos.

Our fundamental human right to informed consent and free therapeutic choice has been violated for 20 years. “Primum non nocere”. Please help us change this intolerable situation.

Please read the following rigorous scientific evidence to support our position.

John Kirkham and James Whitehead et al on behalf of members and supporters of AltHeal.