This is a new endeavour :

The notes of the meeting on Saturday 20 September 2003


Present – John, Eki, Kofi, Mark, Chris, James, Charlie

Decisions taken at Meeting
The post of Chair and secretary will be rotated at each meeting
John Kirkham and James will take on the duties of Convener
John will also take on the duties of treasurer

Draft Agenda
1 Aims / Objectives
2 Linking up with groups outside London
3 Newsletter
4 Database
5 Structure of the group
6 Website
7 Alternative Healing

1) Aims/Objectives
- destruction of the HIV/AIDS Myth;
- one to one support and advocacy ( eg in dealing with the dentist, landlord or an employer);
- alternative health;
providing a social focal point;
- campaign ( eg for the rights of members and people around the world; raise issues of the right to alternative health on the NHS );
- disseminate information, a website would be important, it can provide a global overview, testimonies and links to other international websites and groups;
- a regular support meeting group;
- a regular newsletter, information sharing, experience sharing;
- finding people to present at conferences;
- link up with other organizations;
- liberation of the individual

2) Linking up with Groups outside London
procedure: by email, build up lists and then awareness of meetings outside London and possibly send a representative

3) Newsletter
Mark to assist with the page setting of the newsletter and James volunteered to help Mark;
The first issue will be mainly to introduce the group;
The newsletter will be a general introduction of what the group does;
It will be kept short, one sheet of A3 and simple - in a format that can be shared by internet;
Outlets for distribution to include HIV outlets;
The objective will be to try and reach a very large group of people;

4) Database
Chris to help; everyone will have a copy of the database;
Chris and Mark to collaborate and set up a contact email address;

5) Structure
Setting up a non-profit organization;
Charlie to find out about setting up a co-operative and also to find out what a group is permitted to do in terms of campaigning and also being a charity.

6) Website
Mark will make arrangements to set this up in France
After discussion it was agreed that the organization would be called Altheal; the website would be www.altheal. (whatever domain name is available).

7) Alternative Healing
The group can provide information and contribute to debate on
- a therapeutic approach
- diet and supplementation
- provision of support

James to develop and circulate a practioners list.
The newsletter will be called The Alternatives.