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Heal :
Was the first!
Virusmyth :
Virusmyth is the pioneer and the most documented of all.
Not updated for 2 years
The Rethinking AIDS Website:
Rethinking AIDS
A Growing Number Of Scientists Are Calling For A Reappraisal Of The HIV Hypothesis.
HEAL LondonA website and group for people questioning the AIDS orthodoxy in the UK:
HEAL London
Come here to meet up with others and get questions answered and support.
Dissident Dating:
Find Love and friendship.
The Treatment Information Group (South Africa):
Discover The Corruption, Censorship And Blatant Deception Driving The HIV/AIDS Agenda In South Africa.
The New Virusmyth Forum on Delphi:
A searchable message archive of over 5,600+ postings..
The Immunity Resource Foundation
UK registered charity providing a huge archive of evidence challenging the establishment position on AIDS including information on proven, non-toxic AIDS treatment..
Alive & Well :
Alive & Well San Francisco:
Heal Toronto :
Roberto Giraldo :

The Perth Group :

The Perth Group (Virusmyth) :

John Kirkham :

Continuum magazine (pdf & links) :

$idasanté (French) :
Free-News (Spanish) :

Michael Wright
"The search for truth and justice is always in conflict with the search for wealth and popularity."

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