Benin HIV screening 2002 - A catastrophe for WHO & UNAIDS

I just received the 2002 "VIH & Syphillis surveillance report" from Benin which the WHO and the Benin government don't want publishing!

The note that accompanied this document stated

"This document from the Ministry of Health should not be published as the HIV diagnosis figures have diminished considerably since the last survey (2001). The WHO have accepted that this document should be printed, but must remain confidential for the time being. These "good" results will certainly be corrected upwards for the next report. The authorities in Benin are worried that their AIDS funding will be diminished if the epidemic is not as serious as normally declared".

This came from a friend who works for a NGO in Benin, wishes to keep his job (privately helping patients with nutrition, supplements & real info) and remain anonymous!

A large PDF document in French, parts 1 & 2 are on:

  1. (Pages 1-37) 6,7mo
  2. (Pages 38-72) 5,6m

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