AIDS mortality figures are grossly inflated by the World Health Organisation and other interested parties


Death by medicine. The total number of iatrogenic deaths in the USA is 783,936
Gary Null et al

Tanzania, Kagera Region, epicentre of AIDS 15 years ago
Mark Deru

Update on Uganda
An analysis of the predictions and assumptions about the former epicenter of the AIDS epidemic. Implications for other African countries
Christian Fiala
(European Parliament 08/12/03)
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We have lived with HIV/Aids for 20 years
A call for an open discussion of contradictory facts
Christian Fiala

Benin HIV screening 2002 - A catastrophe for WHO & UNAIDS
Mark Griffiths

Aids sunset gives way to new dawn in Uganda
Neville Hodgkinson

Africa isn’t dying of Aids
Rian Malan

But—What About Africa?
David Rasnick and Christian Fiala


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