The toxicity of AIDS medication is often fatal


Debating AZT. Mbeki and the AZT controversy
Anthony Brink

Liam Scheff
The House That AIDS Built

Read the result of additional research to the above:
The ICC Investigation Continues.
Hospital PR firm gives insufficient response to ICC Investigation
Audio Interview With The ICC Doctor.
Adherence "beyond 100 percent" whatever the consequences.
ICC Using Thalidomide.
“They pumped Seon with it; he deteriorated fast,” Mimi said. “One day we came in and he was bleeding from every hole in his body—his rectum, his nose, his mouth. He was in such pain.”
Orphans on Trial
The New York Press, (NYC's independent weekly) has picked up Liam Scheff's investigation of Pediatric AIDS medical abuse
HIV Negative
"Noble doctors try new drugs on AIDS orphans"
Inside Incarnation
New York Press July 2005

Therapies that lack conclusiveness
Torsten Engelbrecht

AZT - An AIDS-defining drug
Martin Walker (Continuum magazine).

Drugs, Disease, Denial
Celia Farber (New York Press).


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